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  • hola@animabrand.com
  • made in Spain
  • free shipping
  • shipping in 24-72h

start of anima

2020. For many companies worldwide, this date will be marked on their calendar as “annus horribilis”, sectors such as hospitality, catering, clothing manufacturing, gambling and betting, are some of the businesses most affected by the global pandemic. COVID-19 in Spain (Information obtained from the variation of data on the number of Social Security affiliates between March 12 and April 30, 2020)

The pandemic crisis in Spain is not only assuming a health crisis for people (more than 240.00 cases in Spain according to the Ministry of Health as of 05/29/2020), but it also brings with it an economic and social crisis. Undoubtedly, this pandemic has meant a before and after in companies, but ...

What has happened to those entrepreneurs who have decided to open their business?

Many accuse us of being reckless, unconscious and some have even called us alienated. There is nothing else we can do but give them part of reason in these reflections, time and only he will be able to give and take reasons. What we are clear about in anima is one thing, “fortuna audaces iuvat.”

We have the vision to create a sustainable business model, the aim of anima is to bring improvements to society. The people who make up anima are formed by the so-called "Millennials" and "Centennials". We are not only moved by working on something that we like, recognition or professional development ..., but we seek with our effort to have a positive impact on society and be part of something superior to us, creating a community of clients with whom we are able to help improve the quality of life and dignity of other people.

We make this contribution to society by reaching collaboration agreements with different NGOs and Foundations, we make the client the protagonist of these social projects, since it is the client himself who chooses which project he wants to allocate 10% of the PVP of his purchase to the one who animates, he will donate this amount.

#digitalnatives and #confinednatives

Our business begins and ends with digital technology, the client knows us through his smarthpone, tablet, laptop by accessing RRSS such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and TikTok to access our Online Store, animabrand.com, select our products, make the virtual payment and it will arrive at your home in less than 72h.

Our way of working is being key to start this exciting project. We do not have to remodel the office, we do not have to do de-escalation protocols, we do not have to carry out teleworking policies and much less we do not panic about how we are going to work in the future. We use communication tools such as Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp and Instagram itself to maintain constant contact. The use of specific platforms for webinars and video conferences such as Zoom where we connect in meetings and share documentation. The great advantage of anima, we have not needed work protocols or training for the use of these technological tools.

Born to be agile

Our work methodology is “agile”, we establish 5 fundamental pillars of work:

1. People and interactions are always the priority, even above processes and tools.

2. That the product works perfectly is more important than extensive documentation about it.

3. Collaborating with the client will always be preferable to establishing a contractual negotiation.

4. The work process must always respond to change, and never stick to a strict plan.

5. We work weekly by objectives, we start from the MPV (Minimum Viable Product) establishing KPIs to analyze the degree of satisfaction in each phase

We make decisions based on data, we take measured risks and we are able to improve and innovate thanks to the technology that allows us to extract detailed information from our processes and results through tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Acens, Mailchimp ... where we analyze the Customer Journey of the Customer (Customer Experience) and thus, be able to offer quick and quality responses to the needs, challenges, emotions and concerns of our customers.

Given the network of suppliers that we have, we have been able to solve logistical problems with our partners, as well as guarantee the delivery of the product to our customers. For the PostCovid-19, this will imply the penetration of electronic commerce in Spain and will further develop the logistics involved in last-mile parcels.


None of this would have been possible without the people who make up anima. Beyond signing a typical phrase in the business world or ending this article with good feelings, it becomes a tangible test when a multidisciplinary team works and strives for a common purpose. Nothing achieved so far would have been possible without your help, it is people with their skills, creativity and innovation that generate great ideas.

Thanks to all of you who take part of anima.